Time To Put You First!

Wellness in Life and Work requires you to pay attention to your mind, body and environment, to put yourself first! 
It is only from the overflow of our cup that we can be there for others. 
In a time when we can supposedly ‘have it all and do it all’ the choice to slow down, be more present in the moment and focus on our personal wellness is challenging. But it is vital, and sooner rather than later (I can attest to that). 
So join me on the journey towards Living Well and Working Well and let’s find strength through shared experiences.

The Journey

Your Direction

#1 Awareness

Becoming Aware is the first step, until we begin to understand our self and our circumstances we may be unclear about where we are going. Gaining strength through shared experiences is the basis of my Living Well, Working Well workshops. Let me come join you in your Home or workplace to share more.

#2 Begin Your Journey

When you are ready for your own journey to begin I have you covered. Join me for your self paced online course to explore the core principles and practices to support you Living Well and Working Well.

#3 Pursue your passion

When you are ready to make a change or begin your side hustle then I’m always looking to support like minded, heart centred people who are ready to rewrite their future.


Is Professional Sustainability possible in a broken system?

Over the past few years I’ve found myself observing helping professionals and reflecting back on my own experiences and wondering how anyone actually does it anymore. How do we provide care and service support when the fundamentals of the system we operate in seems...

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Supporting my family, naturally!

Natural Care for the whole family. 3 years ago my life took a dramatic turn, overnight I changed from an active high achieving full time professional mum to well, Just ME. I had pushed myself too far for too long, I ended up breaking down and having to relearn how to...

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The View From The Arena Floor.

I was saturated, I had nothing left to give to anyone. I couldn’t take on another thing, my mind craved to take over and shut down.

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Living Well, Working Well

I am not talking about a perfect balance, let me start by saying I don’t even think that can exist. Yes we can do almost anything we put our mind to, but you know you don’t have to do everything right?

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Who else is watching?

You see my words may well have offered all this support but my actions did not lead by example. I did not do the things I expected of others, I did not place value on my wellbeing and I certainly wasn’t practicing what I preached.

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Good enough is never enough – REALLY!!

You see Good Enough is exactly that good enough. It doesn’t mean we don’t strive to be as good as we can be, but we must remember our self-compassion and truly believe that good is enough, that we are enough.

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