Compassion Based Self-Care Workshops

Looking for Self-Care training for your workplace?

  • Worker wellbeing is an organisational responsibility, but in high stress professions supporting your staff to support themselves is vital.
  • The Compassion Based Self-Care Planning 1/2 day workshops are an ideal way to show your workforce that you care.
  • Give them access to specialist training designed by a Social Worker who understands the need for on the job self-care practices.
  • Whilst you ensure the environment is safe and healthy let me support your employees to put their self-care needs first.

Training Content

  • Exploration of the impact of work on self
  • Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
  • How Compassion Based interventions can assist workers
  • How to develope a Compassion Based Self-Care Plan
  • Activities and support to develop individual Self-Care plans in the workshop
  • Additional tools and resources for ongoing support.

1/2 day workshop – all resources included.

“I feel empowered to do more for myself and take the time to plan it”

“I have more tools to incorporate self-care into my practice”

“practical and informative”

Past participants