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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Pure Essential oils are natural volatile organic compounds distilled from the roots, petals, stems, bark and flower of many different species. It is only through the careful growing, harvesting, distillation and production that we can get consistent, pure and potent oils to support our health and wellbeing. If we are to use nature to support our wellbeing we need to ensure we have tested and trusted oils every time. We need oils derived from plants harvested in their natural habitat, free of harmful fillers and stringently tested to ensure authenticity and potency.

Supporting our health and wellbeing!

Essential Oil contain hundreds of different naturally occurring chemical compounds, which provide a unique capacity to interact with our body chemistry and support health. Whether you are looking to assist more sleep, support your respiratory system, relieve feelings of tension and discomfort or many other things – Essential Oils can provide a natural support to your holistic health.

Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils Safely

Essential Oils

Less is More..

Whilst Essential Oils are Natural that doesn’t mean we can be careless in how we use them. They are potent natural resources that can have a positive effect on our wellbeing but each individual is unique. They should never be used in the Eyes, Ears or Nose and should always be diluted for those with sensitive skin, the young and elderly.

One drop can sometimes be all it takes! Start with one or two drops in a diffuser or small diluted samples when applying topically and observe how your body responds and enjoy the benefits they can give.

Aromatic Usage

The nature of Essential Oils means the moment you open a bottle you can inhale the powerful aroma, this is the simplest way to enjoy them. Place one drop onto your hands, gently rub together and take three deep inhalations.

Diffusers are commonly available and a simple and effective way of sharing the aromatic benefits of Essential Oils. Choose your favourite oil and add a few drops into the diffuser, sit back and enjoy.

Topical Usage

Applying Essential Oils topically (onto the skin) enables more personalized usage and can be incorporated into a variety of methods.

Essential Oils can be added to a carrier oil or unscented moisturizer and massaged into the body. Rollers bottles enable a diluted mix of essential oils to be blended and applied topically often to pulse points and reflexology points in the hands, feet and body.

Dilution ratios need to be adjusted for children and elderly as their bodies cannot metabolise the oils as rapidly as adults.

Food Suppliments

Only the purest CPTG Essential Oils can be used for internal usage and can be added to food in accordance with the supplement directions on the bottle.

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them so choosing only the best quality Oils is essential for the protection of you and your loved ones.

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