I don’t often get to walk through the city streets of Sydney on a sunny afternoon window shopping, but the other week on the way back to the train station after a work meeting I found myself doing just that.

And I was bombarded with the brands, adverts and selling going on… Now I was quite intrigued, as a small business founder the art of ‘selling’ has become a new interest of mine, and I have done a fair bit of research into what type of selling I want to be doing.

I know that pain points sell, that using the emotive words and appealing directly to your target market makes a personal connection and it all makes sense.

So why then was I so appalled by this one store window display?

Really (rant coming) do we not have enough with our own self-critical voice and the expectations we place upon ourselves daily. Do we really need to be told that ‘Good Enough is Never enough’? Do we need to have it blazoned across our chest as a constant reminder of the pursuit of supremacy and ultimate perfection!

OK so I admit it pushed a few of my buttons!

I guess this piece of clothing wasn’t meant for me – now a couple of years ago it would have resonated as my exact message, but maybe I am no longer their target market.

Did it work to get me in the store to buy something… NO! But it did make me remember the brand and whilst that has left me with a slightly uneasy feel about them, I certainly won’t forget who it was.

When it comes to selling I have realized even more that for me it is about alignment with my life and values. Those that feel drawn to me and my offerings will become my tribe, to the rest of you, thank you for stopping by and I hope you find your own tribe out there.

You see Good Enough is exactly that good enough. It doesn’t mean we don’t strive to be as good as we can be, but we must remember our self-compassion and truly believe that good is enough, that we are enough.